Company Profile

Founded in 2001, GardenArt has gradually transitioned from a furniture trading company into a leading outdoor furniture ODM (Original Desgin Manufacturer) with an award-winning in-house design team, its own manufacturing facilities and high-margin distribution model. Today, there are more than 120 partners importing and distributing Gardenart’s furniture throughout the world.


OneAll has developed the following competitive advantages among its peers through 15 years’ experience in the outdoor furniture market.


Innovative Design: Positioned as leading outdoor furniture ODM, OneAll’s design department is led by one of the co-founders and supported by a highly experienced and committed team of 5 designers. OneAll currently holds more than 220 design patents in China, Europe and Australia, and 95% of the products were designed by the in-house team.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the business, OneAll can speak both design language and commercial language. We understand the needs from the end consumers while adopting the latest trend in designing. Hence, OneAll’s products possess unique design language and commercial value. OneAll also attends different international design competitions which differentiate OneAll among other players in the industry. In 2015, OneAll is one of the winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015.


Brand Name: OneAll believes in value of brand names, and is dedicated to long term brand building strategy.  Since establishment, “Gardenart” has attended various international furniture exhibitions in different countries, and gradually transitioned to an outdoor furniture OBM. Nowadays, “Gardenart” is a highly recognized brand name in the European market.



Sales Channel: OneAll’s forward-looking management enables the company to take a strategic move ahead of the market. The company saw the benefits of shortening the supply chain in 2009, and it actively implemented the strategy to bypass the middle parties between the factory and end consumers. OneAll is now distributing 85% of its products to retailers directly. In comparison with the traditional delivery model, OneAll is now able to offer its customers more competitive prices and communicate in a more direct and efficient manner.

OneAll will continue to strengthen its existing competitive advantages and develop more attractive products in the future. We hope that “GardenArt” will become your choice of brand when it comes to outdoor furniture.