Growth Strategy

In order to offer more affordable luxury outdoor furnitures to the market, OneAll will commit to develop in the following directions,

1. Expansion of Production Capacity

To fulfill the huge market demand, OneAll will expand its production capacity by building up new production base in ideal locations.

2. Focusing on Development

Having the first-hand information from the market and holding the advantage of innovative design ability, OneAll will keep focusing on development, develop more favorite items that are demanded by the market.

3. Brand Building

In order to develop “GardenArt” brand from “brand awareness” in Europe into “brand loyalty” and “brand dependence” worldwide, OneAll will dedicate itself to market its brand name by varied channels.

4. Shorten the Supply Chain

In order to lower the cost to supply OneAll products to end consumers, OneAll focused on the business with retailing partners. In the future, Franchising and E-market are also important direction to realize our willing.

5. Chinese Market

Due to the transmission of outdoor culture and habits, Chinese Market would be a potential huge market for OneAll. We will have our attention and direction here to offer suitable production to Chinese Market.

6. To Improve Corporate Management

To realize OneAll blueprint, improvement of corporate management will become a long-term and updating mission.