Production Base

As production base of OneAll International Limited, Zhaoqing Vcare Industries Co., Ltd was established in 2006. It is a leading outdoor furniture manufacturer recognised for its high quality productions. Nowadays, products from Vcare are distributed to different regions in Europe, America and Oceania.

Main Gate-已切


The factory is located in Zhaoqing High-Tech Industry Development Zone, Vcare has an area of over 740,000m2, including 23,600sqm of workshops, 7,500sqm of dormitories and other facilities that support the daily operations.



The factory has 280 full time employees. Operations of the factory are conducted within 3 workshop buildings, which are divided into 14 departments with over 120 sets of production equipment. The factory owns 3 powder coating lines and 6 large machineries for the purpose of production, living and environmental protection. Advanced facilities and committed workforce allow the factory to produce at high efficiency.


A client base from both southern and northern hemisphere allows the factory to eliminate the impact of seasonal cycles and achieve stable production throughout the year with low average overhead cost.

Vcare is dedicated to high quality productions and has implemented strict quality control procedures performed by internal and external quality controllers at raw material, work-in-progress and finished product stages.